Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party Cruise

Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party can be an overwhelming process. Your goal is to make the special day go as smoothly as possible and to host the best party your friends have seen, but it can be stressful. However, when you hire us to put together a bachelorette and bachelor party NYC, we're happy to make the process quick, easy, and virtually stress-free. You can easily prepare for a boat rental to cater for the evening's events so that you can plan a memorable party with as little stress as possible.

When you go through the normal process of planning a bachelorette party in New York, coordinating the event itself, as well as transportation around town, can get complicated. However, it's still important to keep all of your guests safe as you move from one place to another. This process can add a large amount of stress to the festivities for the party planners. When you decide, instead, to throw a bachelorette party cruise, all of the guests can remain on board the boat for the entire party, staying safely in one location through the whole event. This option can be safer than a bar crawl, as it allows you to set up transportation to and from the boat, instead of needing transit throughout town for the duration of the event.

If you're aware of the type of party that you'd like to have for the bride, reach out to one of our skilled party planners to discuss the options that we can offer you for your event. We're happy to help you plan entertainment, a menu, the drinks that you'll be offering, and more so that the entire evening is as enjoyable as possible. We can assist you as you plan your party, whether you have a theme in mind or are starting from scratch, and we're happy to help you from start to finish. Our New York party planners can help you set up the entire event, from entertainment to food and drinks.


A bachelor party can be stressful in the same way, with guests wondering where to park, how to get from one location to another, what entertainment will be available, and so on. If you decide to plan a dinner on a cruise boat for a bachelor party, everyone invited can merely relax and enjoy the evening, instead of worrying about all of these details. Enjoy a memorable evening with your friends, kick back and have great food and a few beverages, and relax on a boat - all with one easy party package.

Your guests will get served food and drinks onboard the yacht, you can set up any entertainment that you'd like, and you can arrange the party to meet your specific desires. Contact one of our creative party planners to begin planning an evening that's sure to be remembered for years to come. We're happy to help you plan a bachelor party NYC with the theme that you most prefer, or we can arrange a predetermined variety of activities, ranging from a dinner cruise to a higher energy dance party event. We're happy to provide you with the perfect boat rental, no matter what type of event you're planning.

Planning a bachelorette and bachelor party NYC doesn't have to be complicated. Reach out to one of our talented party planners to gain more information about how to plan a boat party or a New York dinner cruise. Plan the best kind of memorable evening for your friend that's about to be married by utilizing one of our unique packages with predetermined costs. Spend an evening on the water with a dinner cruise - drinking, dining, and dancing the night away. Contact us today for more information about planning your party.

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