4th of July Cruise

Get to celebrate the USA on the best 4th of July cruise NYC with us as we party and honor Independence Day. Sail along River Hudson and watch the breathtaking display of fireworks. View the fireworks from our lavish yacht’s deck with spectacular scenes that include Manhattan’s skyline in the background.

We will be there to make the 4th of July a memorable day that consists of magnificent views and amazing live DJ performances. You can expect to be satisfied during the entire cruise with an extensive menu that contains inspired meals. Please relax and enjoy some wine or beer while watching the infamous city skyline as it passes by.

Reasons to Join the Cruise
Book your place on the Fourth of July cruise NYC New York 2020 to experience the following and more:

Incredible Views 
Make sure that you are on board when the Harbor gets lit up on July 4th 2020. You can expect a fantastic treat with beautiful views of the fireworks in one of the most extravagant displays the world has to offer. It goes on for approximately half an hour with different colors lighting up New York City. It is a chance to see New York City in an entirely new way.
Celebrate on the boat and be prepared with your camera to capture every iconic moment of the evening as New York’s landmarks enhance the scenery.

Enjoy a mouth-watering meal on the dinner cruise and sample the skills of our experienced chefs. We provide a menu filled with numerous options to make sure that there is something delicious and nutritious for everyone. We guarantee the best atmosphere and epic view on this unique night.

Variety of Drinks
From soda and coffee to wine and beer, we provide an extensive range of beverages meant to keep thirst at bay and accompany all your meals. Try out the innovative cocktails by our creative bartenders. Relax as you enjoy a bottle of your favorite beer or a glass of wine while enjoying the views. Let your worries remain behind, and enjoy the vacation with your favorite beverages and stunning sights.

Party Mode Activated
Let the party and dancing begin with our DJ setting the mood from the time the cruise starts. We keep the celebrations going with specially chosen music that is perfect just for that occasion. A fantastic playlist that features the best hits will ensure that dancing never stops. Dance and have fun under the stars as landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City create beautiful views.

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Book a Cruise
Make a reservation now to make sure that you are one of the guests on the epic 4th of July Cruise NYC. The New York 2020 celebratory cruise will be a vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life. Please reserve your tickets and give us the chance to take you for a memorable ride that honors the importance of this special occasion every year.

Enjoy the magnificent lights display that fills the sky from the yacht. Booking a ticket now is the first step to getting the perfect seat for the fantastic show that New York is famous for on Independence Day. Let’s gather together and join other guests as we dance, view the skyline, eat, drink, and observe the fireworks while we go on the journey of a lifetime.

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