Fathers Day Cruise

A Fathers Day cruise is much more than an impressive gift for Fathers Day. It is an outstanding experience that your dad will treasure forever. Show him the unique sites of New York City with brunch as a special treat that enables you to spend quality time with your dad while enjoying stunning views, attentive service, and inspired meals. Whether you want to plan a cruise for the two of you or the whole family, we can assure you that the occasion will be extraordinary.

A Memorable Occasion
Celebrate your dad with a Fathers Day cruise. The following are some of the things you can expect from the boat ride:

Outstanding Atmosphere and Views
A Father’s Day Cruise is incomparable when it comes to showing your dad how much he means to you on Father’s day. Set off from the harbor of New York to enjoy magnificent Manhattan skyline views. Get the best views of the impressive scenes of the city that include the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Make these unique moments last with pictures of NYC’s skyline. Our cruise ensures that Father’s Day is an exceptional occasion that you and your family can share.

Unlimited Drinks
There is a wide range of beverages, including coffee, tea, and beer, that your father can enjoy. We give you the ideal setting to have a cold beer with friends and family. You can also enjoy other drinks that our bartender skillfully prepares.

Abundant Menu
Book your seats for an opportunity to indulge in brunch and an array of delectable delights. Give your father a treat that includes fresh meals that have been thoughtfully prepared by the gourmet chef on board. We provide various options on our menu to cater to different palates and preferences. Taste the inspired cuisine and delicious desserts that will leave you asking for more.

Entertainment and Music
A cheerful live show helps to set the mood of the occasion. Our DJ and live band churn out hit after hit to keep your dad moving to the beat of a great playlist inspired by the day. There is more than enough space for you to dance, unwind, and enjoy the moment.


Reserve your Cruise
Bookings are currently open for the Father’s Day cruise. It begins on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Contact us to reserve your space. We will take care of all the details when you let us know the number of guests you will be having on board.

Come over and take a break from the hectic daily life that is associated with the Big Apple. Let your father have a chance to escape the crowds and take in the spectacular New York City sites from the yacht. The DJ and live band are ready to set the tone for a day of relaxation while you and your loved ones get the chance to share a memorable experience during this unique moment.

Contact the team to address your specific requirements. Whether you want to request customized seating, décor, or have special dietary needs, we will make every effort to give you a practical solution. We are committed to creating moments as unique as possible. Our team of professionals can help you personalize your package based on what you prefer.

Incredible views, great company, and delicious foods are some of the best components of an unforgettable father’s day. Contact us now to reserve your post. We will assist you in the process of giving your father an experience that shows how special he truly is to the family. 

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