St Patrick’s Day New York

A St Patrick’s Day 2020 New York cruise is the perfect chance for family and friends to get together and enjoy great company, food, and drinks while commemorating the holiday and showcasing the classic Irish spirit. Wear some green and celebrate the day uniquely as you enjoy Irish themed activities during the cruise. With events, games, and parties beneath the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty’s lingering gaze, this is the ultimate celebration.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in a Different Way
Sharing a beer with your crew is a great way to observe St Patrick’s Day. You can take the occasion to another level by going to the Hudson River. Board the St Patrick’s Day 2020 New York cruise to make several lasting and new memories with your loved ones.

Quality Beverages
Consume a variety of drinks that range from soda and tea to liquor and wine. The booze cruise consists of various beverages that everyone can enjoy. Our bartenders are ready and willing to prepare holiday-inspired cocktails skillfully.
Open bar available options can be considered by guests who want to be able to access unlimited drinks. Watch the Big Apple’s skyline by as you sip on a delicious beverage.

Live Entertainment Our DJ will keep guests on their feet in the cheerful spirit of the holiday with live music. We set up a lively atmosphere with a holiday-inspired selection of music. The DJ can personalize the music selection according to your personal preferences if you opt for an NYC boat rental, private package. The dance floor is always open, and you can spend most of your time on the cruise dancing.

Fabulous Views
A cruise along the Hudson River is a great way to experience New York City. The party boat provides fantastic views of the skyline. With the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and more, there are several opportunities for beautiful photographs to capture the day. Cruising with us is bound to be an experience that you will never forget.

Fresh Food
The beer you will be drinking deserves to be accompanied by delicious food. Whether you want to have a whole meal or some snacks, we offer a variety on our menu to make sure that there is something for everyone. Our freshly prepared meals from signature to inspired options are delivered consistently by the gourmet chef. You will have several options to select.

We provide customizable options on the menu for an NYC Boat rental, private package. Our team is available to discuss customizing your meals according to your preferences.

Our crew prioritizes professionalism and quality service while you sit back and relax. Enjoy the ride as you get all the help you need from our bartenders, waiters, and pilots. You can expect a great experience throughout the cruise as we endeavor to give each guest the service they deserve.

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Reserve your Cruise Today
If you are looking for something different you can do for St Patrick’s Day, we recommended booking a cruise on Saturday, October 31, 2020. Different customizable packages are available. Select one based on your preferences and budget. Talk to our staff about possible customizations and additions. We are always willing to assist.

Get onboard and commemorate the luck of the Irish differently this time. Share special moments with family and friends and explore the sights and sounds of the City.


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