Mother’s Day Cruise

Let your mom know how much you value her by planning a Mother’s Day cruise 2020. Enjoy a cruise holiday with your mother and participate in different activities onboard, including an array of dining options. Moms are always doing amazing things for their loved ones, and on Mother’s Day, you can show your appreciation through a cruise experience that she will treasure.

A Pleasant Surprise
If you are thinking about a way to surprise your mom with a special gift to express your gratitude and love on Mother’s day, come with us on a boat ride from May 10, 2020, along the Hudson River. Celebrate your mother with a pleasant cruise. Enjoy these features when you board the Mother’s Day Cruise 2020:

Sights and Sounds
Hopping on board our yacht is the perfect way to experience the sights and sounds of New York City.  Whether your mom resides in the city or is just visiting, there is no doubt that she will be glad to get away from large gatherings of crowds and take in the magnificent views of the skyline from a relaxing atmosphere.
One of the best ways to spend precious time with your mom is to float on the Hudson River as you bask in the sun rays and enjoy incomparable city views. It is an excellent chance to create special memories with the queen of your heart. There will be many moments for you to take amazing photographs that feature the well-known landmarks of New York City.

Dining Options
Your mom deserves a delicious treat on a yacht. Skilled chefs freshly prepare each dish. There are several options for lunch dinner. Feel the warmth of the sun while taking in the eye-catching views and eating a delicious meal.
With a private charter, you can pick options from a buffet or plate. Feel free to contact our team if you have a particular request. We are equipped with various solutions to address our guests’ unique needs.

Entertainment for Everyone
Mom will be thoroughly entertained by a live show when she is on the cruise. The music played by our DJ gets specially chosen for the occasion. We provide the option of a live band performance when you select a private rental. Contact us to handle any special requirements, and we will ensure that you and your mom have a unique day.


Reserve a Mother’s Day Cruise
DO not hesitate to book a cruise for Mother’s Day. Make sure that this day is one that your mother will never forget. Reserve the highly anticipated Mother’s Day cruise 2020, and we will always be ready to help you express how special your mom is to you. It will be the gift of a lifetime that your mom will appreciate.

We provide a variety of packages to accommodate various needs. Whether you want to rent the yacht for your private ceremony or prefer the option of joining us for the NYC cruise on Sunday, May 10, 2020, our team of professionals will give your practical solutions for a unique Mother’s Day celebration.

Our solutions help you customize the occasion. We will help you set up a magical experience for your mother and other guests. From food and entertainment to seating and décor, we will make every effort to make the entire event a success.

Cruises on May 10, 2020, are great gifts for anyone who wants to take Mother’s Day to the next level. Every day of life is an experience, and we want to give you and your mother, one that you will never forget. Contact us now to book your place.

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