Half Moon Yacht

See the sights of New York under the Half Moon


Length: 80ft
Decks: 2

Capacity: 50-230
Amenities: 2 Full service bars, 39x30 dance floor, sound system throughout the boat

Cruise New York aboard Half Moon for fantastic sites, a great party atmosphere for sweet 16’s, office parties or a causal fun filled event.

The first deck can accommodate 90 guests seated along with a fully stocked bar area.

The second deck boast a 30’x25’ dance floor that can accommodate up to 200 people. There is a canvas top on the second deck with clear plastic inserts that can be put up or take down in case of …inclement weather.

Bow area on the second deck has a fully outdoor space that can accommodate 150 people

Give Your Corporate Event a Professional Touch with the Half Moon NYC Yacht

A corporate party is a great way to wind up a tough year or even motivate your staff any other time. Your staff gets to bond and you also get a chance to brainstorm on the best way forward. However, holding your parties in the office gets monotonous. Luckily, our Half Moon NYC yacht charter is going to change this. This is the most popular rental boat party NYC for medium-sized group cruises. Forget the hassle of organizing an office party because everything will be catered for aboard this perfectly designed yacht. The 80 ft. long, 2-deck vessel has a capacity for 50- 230 guests. There are two full-service bars on each deck and one of the largest dance floors on the upper deck (39x30). A surround sound system is available throughout the boat and your employees will be thoroughly entertained throughout the cruise. There is a canvas top on the upper deck for your comfort in case of inclement weather.

Using the Half Moon NYC yacht charter provides your staff with scintillating views of the awe-inspiring Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, historic bridges. Ellis Island, Wall Street among other landmarks that make NYC great. You have enough space aboard this yacht for your employees to interact freely and the outdoor space in the bow area is perfect for sightseeing. If you want to hold your party in an exquisite setting without breaking the bank, the Half Moon is the perfect choice. The interior décor is immaculately designed, which gives your event an executive feel.

Our event planners will work closely with you to make your party a success. We have the capacity and experience to customize our packages to meet your needs. For the most ambient party venues accompanied by spectacular views of the city, this rental boat party NYC offers you the best solution.


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