Calypso Yacht

A Famous Classic on the Harbor

Length: 72ft
Decks: 2

Capacity: 2-34
Amenties:True Yacht Style Staterooms, Executive Chef

If you’re hosting a small group for a dinner or cocktail, you should consider giving them a one-of-a-kind experience. The Calypso is the perfect yacht rental NYC for small groups. The 72 foot luxury yacht can comfortably accommodate up to 25 guests for dinners and cocktails.
Previously known as the Lone Ranger IV, the luxurious yacht was built for Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wrather in 1973. It was christened in honor of the radio show that Mr. Jack Wrather created.

Now refurbished and rechristened, the Calypso features many modern amenities that make it a leader in luxury while still retaining the charm of the 70s and the great couple for whom it was originally designed. The yacht features two levels. The main deck includes an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area features a conspicuous Hemingway motif and dining salons. The salon doors open to both the starboard and port sides of the yacht. Guests can move freely onto the decks to enjoy the breeze.


The foredeck features a seating area with portable teak chairs. The deck can comfortably seat up to eight adults and accommodate 25 standing.
The elaborately decorated boat rental NYC combines the elegance of the 70s with modern minimalism. The luxurious boat has attracted a wide variety of celebrities including Will Smith, Catherine Zeta Jones and Donna Karan. You can dine like the stars and experience what they experience when enjoying some time away from the crowds and the lights.
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