The Jacana

The Perfect Rental Boat for a Night to Remember

Welcome aboard the Jacana. Enjoy a night to treasure. The yacht Jacana, an 85-foot custom-built vessel, is luxuriously appointed from stem to stern. Her main salon offers a comfortable contemporary environment with an Oriental flavor to add spice. Enormous windows afford fabulous views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and other world famous Manhattan landmarks. The upper deck boasts a ballroom quality dance floor, a professional sound system and enough room to dance the night way or host a business meeting and is U.S. Coast Guard Certified to carry 119 passengers.


Length: 85ft
Decks: 2

Capacity: 20-85
Amenities: 2 full service bars with wood dance floor, seperate bridal area

The Luxurious Jacana Yacht Rental Revolutionizes Your Nightlife
If you are looking for the perfect night out in New York, the luxurious Jacana yacht rental is optimized to exceed your expectations. The 85 ft. custom-design vessel features two decks and holds a capacity of 20-85. Our luxury yacht is U.S. Coast Guard Certified to accommodate 119 passengers. The elegantly built luxury yacht is primed to give party lovers an experience of their lifetime, as they unwind on the shimmering waters of the Hudson. The Jacana is built with comfort in mind and every inch of the boat is perfectly designed to give a contemporary touch.  There is an additional Oriental flavor that gives the yacht a glamorous touch. Whether you want to unwind with family or friends, this yacht charter provides the most convenient option.

The climate controlled layout ensures you enjoy every moment on board irrespective of the weather. There are two full-service bars on each deck. The first deck comfortably sits 40 guests while the upper deck features a spacious dance floor, additional seating and a DJ station. The semi-open deck layout offers a 360 degree view of the city’s skyline and picture-worthy moments while aboard. There is a professional sound system to guarantee a good evening throughout the cruise. The enormous windows allow guests to enjoy fantastic views of the harbor, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building among other Manhattan landmarks.

If you have an event you wish to host, the catering service is excellent and customized to suit your unique needs. With this rental boat party NYC, you can host a wedding party at the separate bridal area next to the dance floor. Whether you have a birthday party or a corporate party, the Jacana yacht charter provides the perfect solution.

For the best night out in New York, make sure you try our exquisitely designed services. Our staff will work with you throughout the planning process and we are ready to customize to suit your needs.


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