Lady Windridge

Class and Style meet on the Lady Windridge

LADY WINDRIDGE is available in New York City and the surrounding area from early June through the first part of September, and is in South Florida from October through May. The yacht is ideal for groups from 75 to 500 guests.

LADY WINDRIDGE has long been a favorite among corporate event providers. Exceptional management of events and guest experiences achieve the greatest level of success and maximize your return. Many clients are Fortune 500 companies. Year after year, they book LADY WINDRIDGE for entertaining both their clients and their key employees.


Length: 170ft
Decks: 1

Capacity: 50-500
Amenities: Granite floors, hand carved mirrors, private bridal suite, large dining room and sundeck.

Hosting the Ultimate NYC Corporate Event with a Lady Windridge Yacht Charter

Corporate events are a main future of the busy New York City lifestyle. If you are planning a corporate event in the city, our Lady Windridge Yacht Charter offers an impeccable choice. This 170 ft. vessel can host any party in the city with its capacity of 50-500 guests. The Lady Windridge sails NYC waters from early June to the early parts of September. She is one of the most elegant private rental boat party NYC to grace the NYC harbor and the interior decor is one to behold. There are three floors and four spacious decks to ensure your guests have the room to enjoy themselves. The fully air-conditioned interior provides an ambient atmosphere for your corporate event. If your company is looking for executive event planning, we have the most professional staff to assist. Our packages are easily customized to suit any of your event’s unique needs.

There are extensive menus to choose from depending on your event and your guests will enjoy our delectable gourmet menus as they savor the best of the city’s skyline. There are award winning chefs at your service to ensure your guests are impressed as they enjoy our award-winning cuisine in the stylish dining salon. The spacious decks and the lounge are ideal for relaxing and catching breathtaking views of the city’s landmarks including the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Williamsburg Bridge and Empire State Building among others. If you want to host your event in the same place most Fortune 500 companies do, the Lady Windridge is at your service. The gracious hospitality offered by our professional crew guarantees your party is a success. The boat is fitted with a surround sound system to make every minute aboard a delight.

This rental boat party NYC offers consummate gala entertainment. It is a timely alternative to the monotonous conference hall events, which clients detest. Give your corporate event an edge using this custom-design yacht charter.


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